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Autonomous Mini robots for Research and Edutainment

Autonomous robots
The essence of automation is to build machines that do useful work on their own completely unattended. Computers have automated symbol manipulation, transmission and storage, commonly known as information processing. Now robots are about to automate the manipulation of physical objects. Ultimately we want robots to do all kinds work for us with minimal instructions. Such robots are autonomous robots. The technology of autonomous robots is advancing at a quick pace. To realise the full potential of autonomous robots they have to become highly capable and cheap!

Since 2001 researchers and developers have met for the biennial AMiRE Symposium to report and explore the use of small and inexpensive autonomous robots in research, education and entertainment. The motivation was to contribute in making autonomous robot technology accessible to more researchers, educators and hobbyist by making autonomous robots small and inexpensive. This is a challenging endeavour that requires advanced research and engineering, in addition to ingenuity.
It is also great fun.

Robot soccer
An off-shot of the 5
th AMiRE Symposium held in Buenos Aires in 2007 were the rule for a small size autonomous robot soccer league, the AmiRoSot league. This web site is now dedicated to inform and provide guidance to anyone who wishes learn about autonomous robotics by participating in the AMiRoSot league.

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